Jordan loves building great companies. He’s co-founded and led several startups from inception through to successful exits. These startups include Unbill - acquired by Q2 Holdings and now rebranded as Biller Direct - Mobile Butler - acquired by Amenify. He also enjoys giving back to the startup community by advising and investing in startups where he can be particularly helpful.

Jordan is currently advising a few companies while working on the next big thing.


With experience in key leadership roles at Q2 Holdings (QTWO) and Proofpoint (PFPT), Jordan has fine tuned the art of driving innovation within large organizations. With Q2 OpenQ2 Biller Direct, CardSwap, and the integration of Enterprise Governance and Data Loss Prevention products at Proofpoint, Jordan has proven his ability to drive innovation in a startup as well as in large organizations.

Jordan's leadership roles have been in product management, business development, and product marketing. He enjoys combining the resources of a large organization with the nimbleness he had when running a small startup to achieve incredible results.


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Bring insight to your attendees by inviting a speaker that captivates your audience and leaves them inspired. With the perfect combination of passion, stories, and practical tips, Jordan will be one of those speakers your audience will be talking about long after the conference has ended.

Jordan is known for helping people think differently and not being boring!

Jordan has the unique ability to creatively open your mind to new ideas
— Virtual Rain Conference Attendee



Leadership Science Series

1. How to be indispensable

2. How to provide better feedback


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2. Interactive banking is the future